Mattress Collections

Mattress Collections

Whether your dreams take you on a soothing journey to a far-off retreat or cozying up with warm memories, the perfect choice of mattress is as unique as you are. No one particular mattress type is “better” than another. What truly matters is selecting a well constructed product that is best suited to your specific needs and preferences. Solstice Sleep Products invites you to explore our mattress selections and compare the specifications of our Cottage, Veridian, and Paradise collections. With Solstice Sleep Products, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for price.

Regardless of type, a mattress set should provide two primary benefits: comfort and support. Solstice Sleep Products distinguishes itself in the bedding industry by adding an essential third and fourth benefit: value and choice.

Comfort and Support

The feeling of comfort comes from the upholstery layers in a mattress and the material’s ability to conform to each sleeper’s unique contours. This cushy layer alleviates pressure and encourages circulation, reducing discomfort and the frequency of tossing and turning throughout the night.

The support system of a sleep set is provided by innersprings, foam, fiber, or flotation. Its purpose is to support and reinforce the natural “S” curve of the spine. Improper support compresses the vertebrae and strains the back muscles that must struggle to hold the back in proper position throughout the entire night.

Poor quality sleep sets can leave our bodies fatigued and our minds unfocused. Current research indicates that more than 60% of Americans are either sleep deprived or not achieving the deep reparative stages of sleep needed to restore energy, promote tissue growth, and release essential growth hormones.

Solstice Sleep Products offer distinctive style and extraordinary value with a broad range of comfort and support components to suit your individual inclinations.